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Learning Resources

This page shares information on our support groups, along with some useful downloads

Learning Resources

Below are some resources to learn more about your abuser and the support that is available.

Domestic Violence Safety Plan
A safety plan is a unique plan that we make for ourselves to help keep us safe. When you are living with or recently separated from an abusive partner, it can be extremely helpful to have a plan in place in case he becomes violent or puts you in fear.
Can I apply for a Court Order?
Court Orders, known as Protection/ Safety/ Barring Orders help Gardai if you need to call them in an emergency because of your abusive partner/ husband. If your partner behaves violently toward you or makes you feel afraid, it's easier for Gardai to arrest or remove him when there is an order in place.
The personalities of the ‘Dominator’
Men who abuse women want to control and dominate them. We call these men ‘Dominators’. Click here to learn more about the personalities of the Dominator.
Power and Control Wheel
Men who abuse women want to control and dominate them. We call these men ‘Dominators’. Click here to learn more about the personalities of the Dominator.
LGBQ+ Power and Control Wheel
Abusive people use violence and abuse to gain and keep power and control over their partners. The Power and Control Wheel shows the many ways an abusive partner might try to keep the control.
Economic Abuse Wheel
Many abusive men will use financial abuse to control their partners and take away their independence. They might use money, possessions, and assets to control their partners. Click here to learn more.

Our support groups

Emotional support for women who are recovering from abuse.

Power to Change

The Power to Change is a 12-week group programme facilitated by trained workers from our outreach team.

It is an educational self-help programme for women coming out of abusive relationships or in some cases for those still in abusive relationships.

We focus on:

  • Changing patterns of learned behaviour within relationships.
  • Basic rights in a relationship
  • Understanding and setting boundaries
  • Basic assertiveness techniques.

The Power of Change works on supporting and enhancing the women’s ability to respond to abusive situations.

The Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a 12-week educational support programme for women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse.

The programme was written by Pat Craven, a qualified social worker, former probation officer and author. She has written numerous books about men who abuse women. During the last 10 years she has also regularly provided a course for abusive men who want to improve their behaviour.

Domestic abuse causes women to feel isolated, frightened, lost and confused. The abuse often starts subtly and worsens over time, leaving many women to wonder how the partner they met could have changed so much.

The Freedom Programme refers to the abusive partner as “The Dominator” and explores the many roles the dominator plays to gain and maintain power and control over his partner. This programme is designed to help survivors understand the various beliefs, attitudes, and actions of the abusive partner.

Follow the link to see an example the programme here

Monthly Support Group

Our monthly women’s group is where women can share their burdens and get emotional and practical support from other women in similar experiences, all guided by Meath Women’s Refuge and Support Services staff.

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