Our 24hr helpline is 1800 46 46 46
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When you contact us we can provide 1-to-1 practical and emotional support. For women who are in danger and need emergency accommodation we have 8 refuge units on site and in the community. We also have units that can cater for mothers and their children. Learn more about how our services can support you.

How we help

Every year we help hundreds of women in Meath who are dealing with domestic abuse.
Reach out. We can help

24-hour helpline service

  • Our trained staff offer a confidential listening service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • This is a free, non-judgmental and confidential service.

  • Support for women experiencing abuse by a current partner or ex-partner.

  • Abuse can include emotional, physical, sexual or financial.

  • We can listen to your experience, assess risks, talk you through your options and explore ways to help.  

Call our helpline for support
1800 46 46 46be

Know your rights and entitlements

  • We offer information on financial & housing supports e.g. how to open a new bank account.

  • If you are not in control of social welfare payments e.g., children’s allowance we can work directly with social welfare to redirect them to your new account.

  • If you need a new home, we can help you to apply for immediate rent/accommodation support for a few months while you wait for HAP approval from your local authority.

Build confidence and strength

  • One-to-one support
    We offer a one-to-one counselling programme with a qualified therapist. This is affordable and flexible to your needs

  • Support Groups
    Our Monthly Support Group creates a space where women who have been affected by domestic abuse can share their experiences and support one another, all with the guidance of MWRSS staff.

Our self-help group programmes help women understand more about power, abuse and recovery.

  • ‘Power to Change’ is an educational self-help programme for women in abusive relationships or those coming out of abusive relationships. The work focuses on changing patterns of behaviour within relationships

  • The Freedom Programme examines the roles played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and the responses of victims and survivors. The aim is to help victims and survivors make sense of and understand what has happened to them.

There is a pathway out of an abusive relationship Call 1800 46 46 46 to learn more or get started.

Supports for children and young people

  • We have a dedicated child and young person’s service offering a safe place to get support.

  • We help children understand what is happening at home and their experiences of violence through our one-to-one supports.

  • We guide parents who want to know how to support their child

  • We help children to make a plan for times they are feeling unsafe

  • We can help a child to learn how to manage their feelings of anger, frustration, stress and anxiety by supporting them to develop positive coping mechanisms.

  • We have a play therapy and adolescent counselling service for children and young people with our dedicated therapists

  • We offer group programmes for children and young people.

Call 1800 46 46 46 to speak with a member of our Children’s Team about your child and their needs.

Emergency Refuge Service

  • We have 8 refuge units on site and in the community for women who are in danger and need emergency accommodation.

  • We have units that can cater for mothers and their children.

  • We can provide emergency food, clothing and practical support for women when they come to our refuge.

  • If he has taken control of your finances, we can assist you link with services to help you resolve this.

  • We will support you to transition out of the refuge to a safer life.

Contact 1800 46 46 46 if you need emergency accommodation.

Our 24hr helpline is 1800 46 46 46. Someone from our team is always ready to listen and support you. Call us day or night.