Our 24hr helpline is 1800 46 46 46
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Reach out. We can help.

Working together to end violence against women and children.

How we can help

Emergency Refuge Accommodation
We have 8 refuge units for women and children who are in danger and need emergency accommodation.
Your rights and entitlements
We can guide you to services for legal, housing, social welfare, rights and entitlements.
Practical and Emotional support
We offer 1-to-1 support and counselling, working together to help you make a plan for your future.

You are not alone.
We can help.

Someone from our team here in Navan is always ready to listen and support. Call us day or night.

Support in your community

We can come and meet you to talk. Our outreach workers can discuss your situation, ensure you know your rights, help you to support your children and plan the next steps safely. We work with women across the whole county of Meath and we can meet you in a place that is safe for you.

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