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"I Love Him But..." Do You have Questions About Your Relationship?

January 5, 2023


Here at Meath Women’s Refuge and Support Services we have found that very few women who come to us for help are aged below 30.

The majority of women who come to us looking for emergency refuge accommodation because they are scared and unsafe are aged 30 and over. But many women come to us after years of abuse and regret they didn’t look for help sooner.

#relationshipquestions is a campaign to reach younger women who are worried about their relationship with their boyfriend or partner but don’t know where to turn. We are here.

Contact us on 046 9022393

● Work with us to learn about boundaries and what you need.
● We offer affordable one-to-one counselling to recover from emotional abuse.
● If he controls your money we can help you open new bank accounts or re-direct child-welfare payments.
● We run women’s groups and support programmes for women across Meath.

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